Hiking with a dog. Course tour

Where you learn and participate from the beginning to the end of the journey.
These trips are in three difficulty levels.

Level 1 is easiest and Start and end in Garðalundur Akranes Program is about 90 minutes price is 7500 ISL kr per person Max 6 person.

Level 2 is moderately difficult
There you go along a beautiful river in a beautiful environment.
Start and end in Hotel Laxárbakki Hvalfjarðarsveit
Program is about 2 hours
price is 8500 ISL kr per person
Max 6 person.

Level 3 is the hardest way.
There you follow a footpath down to a small river and cross an old wooden bridge up a hill along an old gravel road where there is a magnificent view of Hvalfjörður.
Start and end in Hotel Glymur in Hvalfjörður
Program is about 2.5-3 hours
The price is 9500 ISl kr per person
Max 6 person.

When booking a coruse tour is 1500 ISl kr confirmation fee must be paid, which is not refundable per person.
The confirmation fee is deducted from the total price.
When booking a course tour,
must be stated. Names: Country: Age: Level: 1,2 or 3. What month and day.
 Bookings must not be made later than 48 hours before the scheduled trip. Everyone who comes on these Coruse tour comes on their own terms and insurance. Children under the age of 18 travel on the premises and insurance of parents or guardians.